·         The Jesus Creed

Scot McKnight is a New Testament scholar and author of over 30 books including such fantastic works as The Jesus CreedThe King Jesus Gospel, and most recently Junia Is Not Alone. His blog has his finger on the pulse of contemporary Christian thought and culture, and has been at the top of my list of the best Christian blog sites for several years.

·         BioLogos

Exploring the relationship between faith and science, the BioLogos forum utilizes a team of cutting edge scholars, scientists, and theologians to explore how Christianity and modern science interact. With the continuing perspective that faith and science are mutually opposed, having a resource such as this is indispensable. This is easily one of the best Christian blog sites that you should be following.

·         Pete Enns

Pete Enns is an Old Testament scholar and the author of several notable books, including Inspiration and Incarnation and The Evolution of Adam. He occasionally stretches beyond my borders of agreement, but his willingness to openly and honestly engage difficult questions in faithful ways is refreshing. If you want a broader perspective of the trends in Biblical scholarship, you should be following this blog.

·         TheoBlogy

Tony Jones is a “Progressive Christian”, though he much prefers the title “Incarnational Christian.” His views are sometimes a bit more progressive than mine, but he is a faithful follower of Christ who never fails to engage my critical thinking skills and provide a fresh perspective on how I view my own faith. I don’t always agree with him, but exposure to this side of Christian thought is absolutely necessary if you want to have the awareness to faithfully engage cultural perspectives.

·         Rachel Held Evans

In a sea of men, in it refreshing to find an articulate and thoughtful female who is able to rise to the fore in shaping and engaging Christian thought. She is the author of Evolving in Monkey Town and A Year of Biblical Womanhood and was recognized by Christianity Today as a “woman to watch.” Clear, poignant, and well researched, this clearly deserves a place among this year’s best Christian blog sites. You should absolutely be reading her blog.

·         Roger Olson

Olson is a wonderfully astute Wesleyan-Arminian scholar who engages theological perspectives and the Christian subculture. It seems that the majority of large scale Christian authors are decidedly Reformed in their theology. It is nice to have a well informed alternative to five point Calvinism, and Olson wears his Arminian theological stance on his sleeve. Roger Olson earns a distinguished place near the top of the best Christian blog sites that represent an Arminian perspective.

·         Beyond Evangelical

Frank Viola is a brilliant scholar who writes a remarkably eclectic blog. Its topics range from book reviews, to theological reflections, to tips on starting your own blog. He is also the author of numerous books including Jesus ManifestoReimagining Church, and Pagan Christianity. Again, a blog that is willing to engage perspectives outside the norm of traditional Christian thought, this is a great blog to expand your Christian awareness.

·         Pangea

Kurt Willems consistently writes in ways that manage to engage culture squarely and faithfully. In fact, I have featured articles from his blog on this site before. In addition, he unabashedly manages to come up with the best headlines. If you want the tools to faithfully engage cultural trends, this is one of the best Christian blog sites to equip you for that. Check out his blog, you’ll see what I mean.

·         Relevant Magazine

Due to the inactivity of one of the previous blogs I listed on here, I switched over to what has easily become my go-to source for keeping a pulse on Christian culture. While not technically a blog, Relevant has an uncanny ability to be on top of what is happening in Christianity. More importantly, they are also able to offer deep and meaningful reflection that is both insightful and theologically astute. Relevant also offers a full magazine (which I highly recommend), but the content on the site itself is free. My suggestion? Grab their RSS feed and dump it wholesale into your reader.

·         Of Dust And Kings

Arguably the best Christian blog site out there, its author is articulate, brilliant, and devilishly handsome. He is also surprisingly humble. Oh, and at times sarcastic. If you haven’t subscribed to this blog-to-end-all-Christian-blogs, be sure to sign up.

So there it is – the 10 best Christian blog sites for 2014.


Source: Tehanna.com