Starting at will make you feel like you’re slaving away your talent writing for pennies and as if that’s not enough you have to deal with clients who just reject without reason.

It took personal experience for years of writing on iWriter to come up with such a solution that works and can be beneficial but one has to actually have the talent/gift of writing to earn from it.

One good thing with iWriter is the abundance of writing jobs. It’s first come, first serve. Below are free usable tips, our service and how you can benefit from it all.

Writing Tips/Tricks

  • Always pick writing tasks you’re 100% sure on delivering.
  • Pick a job first before reading the instructions else someone will beat you to it.
  • Make sure you complete the task within the time given.
  • Always contact requester before, during or after taking a task.
  • Use your phone to find and pick tasks before proceeding to computer to write.
  • Always give more than is required of you in terms of word count.
  • Always follow instructions to the latter.
  • Always write draft, check grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Install and use – it’s free and will save you from a lot of rejections.
  • When rewriting a task makes sure you check for plagiarism via
  • Always give it your best.
  • Write as if it’s $100 for the article and someday it will be.

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