Many people have no idea or at least a faint idea of what their life’s purpose exactly is, and no one can pick up a wand and just tell you. You have to find it yourself but you can be helped, guided, or directed as to how to find your purpose in life. Below are a few questions to inspire or shed more light on how to find your life’s purpose:

1. What are the things that you love doing?

Sometimes you have to first sieve out what you love doing from what you just do, and you can do this by working out what you do daily that makes you smile, or what you do when your sad or angry and gets you out of the mood. Think of anything, everything, and analyze it all.

2. What are the things you don’t love doing?

Now, this might now be as obviously helpful as the first question above but it sure helps you get contrasting likes and dislikes which will help trigger something you actually love doing or are good at.

3. What’s true for you?

People say truth is optional, therefore dependent on individual interpretation but it won’t be true else anything can be true as tagged by anyone. No one knows you like you, so what is it in life that’s deeply true to you? What movies, books, or things do you experience that make you emotionally afloat – find out?

4. What’s your wish list?

Not your bucket list wish list but ask yourself this questions, if you had all the money you could ever wish for, what thing would you do to impact the world around you. Now that type of list. Don’t see it as something silly but dwell on it and you will be amazed on the things you’ll find out about yourself.

Take time and really dig in deep to find out what makes you tick.