Looking at history and the present how people become famous or alive in enjoying life by doing what they love to do and in some instances even being paid to do so is just majestic. But don’t concentrate on the money, that comes naturally after you’ve found your focus in life and how to be the best you can be.

1. Finding Focus

It’s best to first know what you want in life and take action by practicing your passion always. Some talents take a little more time to develop than others but all talents need nurturing, the difference is time needed in harnessing such gifts. Make sure you end up feeling fulfilled whenever you practice your passion, do what you love. It might be something that others don’t understand or approve even but whatever is good, noble and worthy of doing is worth doing well. So go for it, don’t just try it – go for it all the way.

2. Be Grateful

Learn to be grateful to God for who you are and all you are, love the person you’re created to be. Feel free to be enthusiastic in your passion, grateful for your gifts and attentive to your growth, mistakes, ups and downs. Live life like everything is a miracle and it will be so much more beyond your expectation and comprehension.

3. Positive Partnership

As best as you can try and make sure you’re not caught up with the wrong crowd, it might not be negative people but people whose life focus isn’t in line with you won’t be as helpful to having the right positive partners supporting one another in achieving life’s goals

4. Be Organized

You need to get organized and focused enough to make this work; no one else can do this but you for you. Get rid of all that’s not helpful or useful in as it might deter you from achieving your goals, at the same time don’t be proud or rude thinking you’re the only one with a goal, talent or gift. Be courteous to everyone, those deserving as well as those who don’t. Be ready for success and it will surely come to pass, don’t forget to be thankful when everything adds up – thankful to God and people in your life who helped in one way or the other.