Learn more about the attitudes you must take to leave the body and mind in harmony “You are what you eat.” According to health experts, the popular saying is based. However, you are much more of what you eat: you are the exercise you practice, a good night’s sleep, the laughter with your friends. After all, our body reacts according to what it receives and if the stimuli are good, the result is even better. Check out 6 habits that will help you maintain a healthy life. Your body and your mind are grateful.

1 – Absolutely Happy!

Feeling happy with yourself is the key to a healthy mind and life so it’s worth thinking positively. Enjoy every moment, be it good or bad, and always look for the positive side of things. Did not that job offer work out? Think about the process you needed to get to the “no”, remember that everything that has happened has served as learning and that tomorrow will be a better day.

2 – Go Back To Being A Child

Becoming a child does not mean leaving the responsibilities of the adult world, but seeing the situations you are going through with the eyes of a child. It’s about looking at things for the value they have now, with no preconceived notions and hasty judgments. This type of attitude makes us better understand the conditions of production of a given situation and helps us to better deal with it, avoiding disappointment and suffering.

3 – Get Away From The Cigarette

Staying healthy is the same as keeping yourself away from physical or mental illnesses, and cigarettes can be your number one enemy if you consider that it causes innumerable physical problems as well as sickening your soul. So it’s worth getting away from it. For smokers, it can be a big challenge. But the suggestion also applies to people who do not smoke, but live with smokers and therefore end up being affected by the evils of using cigarette as much as they.

4 – Take Care Of Your Appearance

Taking care of appearance may seem futile to many. However, dressing well, taking care of the hair, feeling youthful and fit increase the sense of well-being and self-esteem, which lowers stress levels and gives life more pleasure. So, invest in yourself.

5 – Eat Well And Drink Water

It’s no secret, eating well only brings health benefits. So, invest in a healthy menu with fruits, vegetables and plenty of fiber, and retire the foods rich in sodium, fried foods, sweets, and alcoholic beverages. Also adopt the habit of drinking lots of water, fundamental for the proper functioning of our body. Always keep bottles or glasses of water in mind to remind you to ingest the liquid and drink it even when you are not thirsty.

6 – Take Care Of Your Sleep

It is during sleep that both body and mind recover from the day that has passed and prepare for the next. Therefore, those who do not sleep well are gradually getting sick. Try to relax and find the time you need to rest, as some people require less than 8 hours of sleep per day. Make the environment where you sleep in a cozy and comfortable place