When I was 21 yrs old, I was dating a girl whose parent’s friends were going through a divorce. They had a 6 year old daughter and unfortunately their separation was just before Christmas and we both knew how upset the little girl was. Her dad was not living in the house and wasn’t planning on spending Christmas with them.

So my girlfriend and I wrote little notes like, “On the first day of Christmas, my secret Santa gave to me….” and put a gift each night on their porch for the little girl.  We started this about 2 weeks before Christmas.

Well into the first week, my girlfriend’s parents heard that someone was leaving gifts on the porch for this little girl and wondering who it was. Of course….we didn’t. 🙂

As we got closer to Christmas it was getting more difficult doing what we were doing without getting caught. On Christmas eve, we went and got a Christmas tree and decorated it. We placed it on the porch of the little girl and put presents around it.

We got a call the next day from the little girls mom who said that she figured out it was us, but the joy that we brought her little daughter during a trying time was fabulous. She told us that her daughter was very depressed but soon looking forward to what her secret santa was going to leave for her and soon forgot sadness about her dad not being home.



Source: KindSpring.org