Of all the vast richness of words in the English language and all its borrowed or stolen mixtures, proud mother of the modern world even as she’s successfully united many in communicate she is yet still has not the aroma of the beauty and style some originals still do. What is there to say about some random word? There’s so much juice induced within the heart of this words is literally stands out like an art, a Mona Lisa of words cutting across varying languages, tongues and tribes. You have something beautiful within you, comparing it with others doesn’t get you anywhere. Seeing life and appreciating it only as you weigh it with the standard of the world gets you nowhere. Oprah once said something about a simple prayer, thank you. If you say just that every day that would be enough, yeah right but you know you can do better of be specific as to whom you’re being grateful to. This word cuts deeps, simple, humble if I may and yet elegant and outstanding in meaning, attribute and regard to the heart’s yearning for deep calling unto deep. With a hint of mystery and shade of honesty, this is by far one word deserving the lips of angels and if you don’t know then there’s so much out there – you never know.