It’s always the first that’s last to see what beauty the journey is, to have thought it was a race is surely a factor to the slow comprehension of it all. Life is what you take it to be, what you think it to be, what you see it to be, almost there. But life doesn’t care about grades, races or approval. Life happens above and beyond our little mortal minds, we are life, there’s no life without us and life without us is plain boring and chaotic. Whatever we face, whatever you face, good or bad, you have to see beyond your nose, appreciate the pain, tears and cruelty that comes your way. All but a moment you are and what you experience is somewhat a moment in a moment, almost a joke in inception. When you see life beyond you and all your feelings, you’ll see the beauty, scars, and tears on our mother nature’s face. She never wanted to hurt or harm anyone of us, yet we reciprocated in sharing rations of it. See beyond the bold and the beautiful, the noble and the humble and you will see just how much blessed you are, we are, I am and in that moment be grateful – you never know.