Experience is quite the teacher when it comes to sharing tips and advice. So here are a few best startup tips for anyone interested.
1. Risk Taking
If you don’t like taking risks then entrepreneurship isn’t for you. Taking risks is at the heart of innovation. So take the risk.

2. No Giving Up
There will be ups and downs, failures and successes. So while you anticipate success, prepare to fight procrastination and always find a way to get up on your feet anytime you fall. Giving up is never an option.

3. Bulk Send Everyone.
Tell everyone about your start-up, don’t hold anything back. Tell your mom, tell your girlfriend, tell your neighbors, tell your uncles and aunties, tell everyone.

4. Keep Record
Make it a habit to keep a record via a journal of all your plans, what works, what doesn’t, ideas, future projects and projection.

5. Join A Network.
Networking gives an assortment of growth and mentorship. This will help in also finding the right minds to help you achieve your goals as a startup.

6. Seek Advice
As best as you can seek advice from anyone and everyone, not literally concerning your business portfolio but as to people interaction and response to services or products in line with your idea. You never know.

7. Team Work
One major ingredient to all startups success is team work, find the right fit for your startup.
Use the little tips shared here to grow your idea and harness them to meet your needs. Good luck.