Stay afloat beyond the daring captivities of the lady gravity, she looks in amazement of what little creature defy her majesty. It’s not the biggest of creature nor is it the bravest that flies, and even flies do fly tiny as they are. Beautiful, scary, and even mysterious they are. Just as the men and women who walk the earth, all in varying arrays in moods and characters. The birds have inspired many innovations in science, mobility, and pacesetters in what we now know as aviation. To be free, to live free, with no care or bother in this world is a gift. Noted in life’s lessons, even history embraces them as creatures of wisdom and a reminder of what this life truly is – fleeting. Yet many ignore them, some

 eat them, other hunt for fun, and very few admire them and even fewer cater unto them. But in wisdom we are obligated to look at them, see how they neither worry for what to eat or drink, as they are catered for consistently, yet they have no stores, shops, or bunkers to hide in. You cannot speak of them and ignore their singing, chirping, dancing, and elegance as they defy not only gravity but the sound of thunder, brightness of lightening, speed of wind and the downpour of rain doesn’t shake these little ones. Live free, start now – you never know.