It takes courage to stand for what’s right, and what’s right is never illusive or unclear. In the beginning or at least what we infer to be the first of wars, was the use of stone to head from one man to another, two brothers. Back then the winner was he who didn’t retaliate nor did he see it coming and even today after centuries of fighting the same right and wrong, light and darkness. Man has morphed in skills and the use of means of expression of anger and rage through spears and swords, guns and bombs, ideals and dominance. All through the years battles have been fought and it’s always the courage and strength of the ones who didn’t see it coming nor did they intentionally ask for it that usually win either by prepping and retaliating with far even more vigor than the attacker or by going all out and holding nothing back. Same goes on in the mind and heart of every soul that walks on the earth, battle over what’s right and wrong, to be or not to be, to do good or bad, to speak out or hold back, to say the truth or to shy away, to read or to write, to like to comment, to share or to ignore. As it was from the first strike, it is choice and the greater one who always wins is the one who has the courage to do what’s right without question, doubt or hesitation even if as it always has from the cross to the mountains, the price to pay is one’s life. Many stand in courage fighting darkness over light, many fight over land and dominance, others fight because it’s the only thing they’ve come to know. Noble of them all is to fight for the weak, defend the poor and shelter the homeless for truly in this life – you never know.