Scary and dim, dark and bad, painful but true, yet many ignore its grim existence even as it plucks countless unaware each passing moment of every day. To all who have fallen asleep, may they wake to a shining glory and to all yet to embark on this journey all would partake yet none seems ever prepared, may you all learn the fleeting nature of life, the vanity of all that is mundane and the precious value of all the little things that have eternity sprinkled amidst. There’s a beauty to death you know, not to those left behind of course, no. To those who are taken, the pain is like that of a mother giving birth, tedious and indescribable yet the joy that comes afterwards outlives and outshines all that pain that’s for an outcome that has a baby alive and well. Anything else that pain is all a waste and a dark memory/reminder of what was, such is the death experience. There are those who spend their years prepared with true affirmation of what is to come beyond the quivers and there are those who mistake this fleeting life for eternity. What joy to finally cross over beyond death, to see God face-to-face. And oh what pain, and shame to die basking in the nothingness of this life to see that there’s eternity beyond our grammy/oscar imaginations. Two sides of coin, yes. And the timing – you never know.