What is Faith? A system of belief or an opinion of some sort? It’s hard to say exactly what Faith is on a wide scale but Faith is the evidence of things unseen and hope for what’s going to happen. That’s by the Christian context. Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and all beliefs systems can be ascribed as Faith, a system of belief.
The beauty is even atheist have some faith in their arguments, therefore everyone is said to have some level of faith. You have those who just believe in anything, karma and all, and you have those who do miracles, move mountains and the break boundaries of doubt and disbelief.

In essence Faith is so strong, it is said in the Bible, it’s impossible to please God without it. That’s deep. So writing about Faith across board aligning all of humanity to one word is hard and simple. As it is clearly something personal and deep in the heart of a person, in a way it’s key to the soul. So guard your heart, kill the doubts, and deepen your belief system. Seek answers and ask questions, you never can tell what’s beyond the physical if you don’t go beyond your five senses and wonder into the deep of the unknown spiritually.

Seek God, find Him and in that you’ll find your life’s purpose. What do you have to lose but Faith.