Every relationship needs faithfulness as that how honesty and truth is weighed by each party involved. Parents are being faithful to their children welfare and children being faithful to obeying their parents, lovers are expected to be faithful to each other even as employers expect the faithful service of their employees and they too ought to be faithful in rewarding service provided.
Life without faithfulness would be something disastrous as even thieves seek some level of trust and faithfulness amongst each other. It is the invincible currency in almost every human transaction; it has always been a key feature in weighing good and noble people as against does who aren’t faithful in discharging their duties as just unfaithful.

In religion, faithfulness is something that is highly regarded next to faith as the only way to show one’s devotion is the act of being committed and faithful. Sometimes we miss everything that’s of deep significance in life as we just seek others to be faithful or weigh the faithfulness, loyalty, and commitment of others without weighing ours.

To ask or seek faithfulness from others one has to first measure his/her level of faithful and commitment to others. By so doing do we even the scales and actually allow people to have the mutual reflection of seeking us to be faithful when we ourselves have been faithful too.