I’m something everyone needs but everyone has and so many have and in naivety wish a times they hadn’t, what or who am I? you guessed right, I’m family more than a word and more than a feeling, the heart and beat of every community is the family yet many ignore it’s value until it’s gone just like many people and pearls. You get the feel of belonging to something bigger and greater than yourself even as you get sold the confidence you can do almost anything, achieve whatever you want to achieve and be what you want to be. You come from a line and will pass on even more than what you’ve received – it’s not the movies alright, it’s family. By blood or by familiarity, devotion and dedication we all get acquainted with folks that flock together and think alike so that’s family even amongst thieves and hookers there’s a sense of belonging, togetherness. To really have one and know you have it is something, else – you never know.