The tallest building today is in Dubai and that tells a lot about what time in the 21st Century I’m writing this, for we keep dates out and let everything flow as they come by. Life from the mundane human perspective is measured for all the wrong reasons; we say the richest person is one who accumulates and hordes the most wealth instead of the one who gives the most from all they have. We rate the rate the best philanthropists based on how much plenty they give not how much they actually care giving their all. The tallest man is measured by height when the tallest man could be one who sees the most in others, life’s measured from old to young, fast, best, and brightest not as individuals but as a farce unto others. Yet in truth everything in this life is measured in time, whether rich or poor, tall or short, life happens to all. We miss out on the best part of life, not just many people do. When last did you look over your head into the skies and just look at something bigger and greater than you, the sky, the stars, the moon and the sun. There’s so much out there that we can’t begin to comprehend, looking down there’s the sand and even when all around you is paved with clean tiles and interlocked walks there’s still that tiny spec of sand beyond the ones you can see, clean or feel yet that’s too much to ponder on. Time ticks, kicks and nicks off as it goes waiting for no one and when the time comes all mortals give way, bite the dust, kick the bucked, take the bus, cross over, move on, or just die. Yet naivety eats at our hearts taking the time we have on earth as eternity when it’s actually quantified exactly below 200 years that’s how much time we all have none dares come close to the number, going halfway is amazing, tiring and daunting or even torturous. After death is a million, billion years beyond measure, many know there’s life after death, those who claim they don’t think their ignorance carries weight to change the tide at least to their cute naïve little minds but life is beyond you and I, and to misplace priorities taking and making the most of two hundred when you also have a billion more to spend why concentrate and mistake the fleeting time on earth as eternity and eternity as a mere possibility. You may not have the next hour, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and we all know not everyone reading this will reach the end. I’m not saying someone would die, oh dear that’s too dark, not everyone reading this would reach the end because phone’s ring, people get distracted to or from what they’re supposed to be doing and life happens. There’s so much we plan to do, finish up, catch up, meet up, or just hope it all leads up to something more but it’s almost all like a gamble. Eternity is just a click away, just a breath away and truly it’s simple, you weigh life appropriately, making the best of every one in your life, every moment and time you have for nothing is assured but preparing for the life afterwards is just the best thing to do. So no surprises and no regrets, you decide now or else – you never know.