There’s not many folks out there with a sense of honesty anymore, that’s the predominant notion almost everyone has yet even that isn’t an honest fact just merely a louder opinion. You aren’t honest but expect the person to be honest to you and when they are you see them as fools. We can’t use honesty as some tool for trade in personality or more required in professionalism and not actually be. It’s a matter of the heart, a thing of truth and transparency first to oneself and then to others being dishonest is easy yet dreadful when unfolded. Jack was right on this point, you can always trust the dishonest ones to be dishonest. I give him that much and that far, but he or she who does the trusting has to be honest to expect honest else even when truth is given to one who lives falsely, it becomes unrecognizable or too easy to be true and hence what’s the motive for being true in the first place. The internet affords almost everyone an easier medium for presentation and many who chose to self-promote end up doing a lot of damage to what’s true hence the idea of internet celebrity is even a profession in the 21st Century and only God knows what would be trending if this path continues over time. You are who you are and it was simple to know and identify that when growing up but trying to impress everyone with a fancy or trending online profile doesn’t just cut it. The entire hard work put into lies and the facade fades away anytime you meet someone who knows you both on and off the internet. Feeding on the approval of others just doesn’t cut it and suicide over the internet seems to be the pit at the end of that tunnel. Life your life as best as you can, please be true to yourself and enjoy every moment as it unfolds. Learn how to be disciplined and what to Alexander was a horse, to you today my dearest friend is the internet so tame that horse and you shall rule the world someday but until then – you never know.