Live life and love as best as you can, what else is there in this life to do or worth our time on earth. To truly live is to truly love and although love can be elusive at times it is as accessible as the air we breathe. Needless to say, anyone can and should fall in love, over and over again. Love is beyond words or measure and the best minds can’t phantom neither its origin nor foretell its destination.

One thing I’ve learned over time, space, personal and shared experience is love is untamable. It is best said to be patient and kind, Biblically of course and as the best resort too in life. You cannot truly love if you haven’t truly lost. It’s the broken that cherish life more, just as the weak know the need for strength.
It all starts with love and ends in love but to truly understand its nature, basis or direction is a task of futility. Sometimes it causes us to cry, laugh and even wish for death. Its yearning powers are boundless and as such always persevering and always hopeful. Enjoy life as best as you can, live life in love and when the tireless dent of hate, anger, and pain come calling remember the endless possibilities of love – love never fails.