Kingdoms and Kings come and go but the fables and tales of love never grow old. So we dance on the pages of history making our mark as best as we can unknown to us every fleeting moment is beautiful, unique and simple as it is complicated, random and bizarre. Wars have been fought for love, men have died fighting for love yet even fools fall in love but funny how it still to this day eludes the heart and minds of intellectual geniuses for it need no discerning but you can try – you never know. You’re right on this one you know; no one can quite explain love. The dukes of Harvard and the quintessential minds at Cambridge can try but illusive it is yet very simple to the hearts and minds of lads and lasses spread all over the globe. It’s not something of the brain or the mind; it needs no breakdown or explanation for like the wind it is there to be. You kick back and let it fill your heart, feel the weightlessness of it all and gamble away your proclivities and fears of what if’s holding on to nothing taking a leap and walking off the cliff of norms. Love is like madness, answers to no one and fears none yet it’s the cuddly smile from a kids face to the tiny little giggle from a baby. From the begging of time to the very heart of generations to come it will be and as for me, I really do love her with all I’ve got but it’s beyond me now, beyond us yet there’s hope as you know love never gives up.