It’s beautiful what they are, have you seen them? Do you know them? There are called digits not the medical terms but the mathematical terms and how lost we would be without them and seldom even with them we do get lost. From the very first day a person is born there’s the weight weighed in numbers and the breathe counted including the gasping and the crying all categorized in formats, you cannot miss the beauty of the age which start off at zero anything beyond that would be too much for the ordinary mind to grasp and keep up with hence the acknowledged start at point zero. Beyond the birthplace to the fields as green as the two sets of eye can see you find countless trees and numerous grasses with an abundant ray of sunshine sprinkled with chirping birds and howling dogs all so beautiful to the poet yet clumsy to the minds like Sherlock who see nothing but a lazy mind who says something is indeed countless when it is not. There’s so much beauty you see, even these words you read are numbered. Total number of words used and vowels mashed up with consonants can all be accounted for you know. So don’t get lazy let’s do this from the top oh yes you can actually count them, for the total number of words including these you read are just 311 and as for vowels have 291 which leaves us with just about 1032 consonants whatever isn’t a vowel is consonant that’s if you haven’t yet forgotten what your teacher taught you. We also have 97 a’s and 25 b’s mixed with about 56 d’s and a total of 6 z’s or are you just afraid you’ll waste time counting confirming losing time which is also quantified. What’s true is the beauty in numbers – you never know.