A friend of mine in Chicago sent me an e-mail with her description of an uplifting event that she witnessed…

“And talking about beautiful…yesterday I was witness to such a heartwarming random act of kindness. It will forever be imprinted in my mind. I had to run downtown to help Bonnie out for a few hours (it was not part of my original plans for Monday). On my bus ride back to the train station, we were in gridlock traffic right by the opera house. As I stare out my window a handsome young man (25ish to 30ish) walks out of the side door of the Opera House. It’s cold and windy outside. He has on a heavy army-issued jacket and a scarf wrapped around his neck.

As he’s walking towards the bridge there are three homeless men with their cups, each sitting maybe 15 feet from one other. The young man goes to the first beggar, digs into his pocket and pulls out some money – he says a few words to the first homeless man and puts the money in his cup. The young man starts walking and now sees the second homeless beggar. He pauses for a minute, digs into his pocket, says a few words and then gives this second man a candy bar. After it is accepted and acknowledged the young man moves on.

Now he sees the third homeless man. The third man is shivering and cold. The young man now stops by him, pauses for a brief second and removes his scarf and wraps it around the beggar’s neck in a very loving way and with a huge smile says a few words and moves on.

Well I must say I don’t know who was smiling more, me who witnessed this beautiful moment, the young man who gave so willingly from his heart, or the toothless beggar who was grinning ear to ear and for a brief moment was feeling that someone genuinely cared and that he mattered. And just like any old crazy lady, my eyes filled with tears and I sent all those men a prayer filled with love and blessings.”


Source: KindSpring.org