What then can we be certain of? The passing moments or the cherished memories, from the ones in captive within walls to the ones free beyond worlds. There’s so much beauty in this lifetime for everyone. From the kids playing with dead people skulls in the deserts of Africa to the lads and lasses playing games on iPhones, there’s so much joy and happiness to go around.  We cannot tame time nor can we explain its attires but we can make the best of it and never look back or at least smile when we do. One gift we all receive without payment is time, from the cradle crying as we try to understand this thing called life to the grey days when it really eludes us and plays with our dear minds. You can be rest assured we value its gifts differently, the car racer who knows the value of baby seconds, and the one pacing one a death bed who knows everything’s about to change. The young graduate who’s so eager to go out and impact the world to the young mother whose womb cries out for a seed countlessly, in the end we all bleed blood and we all have time. However you use it is totally up to you, merely reading this in whatever form means you have time and are spending it here reading this just as I have time writing every scribbled word as it floats from my heart’s mind within. We all have it even and especially those who think they don’t, accidents happen in split seconds, and lives change permanently for the better when we meet some extraordinary folks and those moments become beautiful in Thailand and beyond, all because we have faith whether Arabs or not. Just as it is the best of times on one part it’s also the worst of time on the other side and this surely is just about any time. Use every moment as best as you can, cherish the little things they impact the most over time and make the most amazing memories. This life is just beyond words – you never know.