It’s a miracle to some and an impossibility to others, but this type of distant relationship is something real. It brings out the best in some of us and shuts down the rest of us, many people do complain about it and quite a lot love watching movies or reading stories about successful long distance relationships even though they all almost always go through tough times before a happy ending.

So how do you make tough love work? Yes, it’s tough love to be in love beyond time and space but its works. You have to stay positive no matter what. Remember why you started the relationship, the best of each other and don’t buy into the negativism of others but hold on in hope even as you surely miss each other. You both need to work hard at it and like anything in life this will surely be something beautiful in the end. It doesn’t mean you won’t go through tough times but striving through the storm means you’ll cherish whatever comes after the storm. People in this sort of relationship ten to cherish the very little things that most people in normal relationships ignore. Being together in the same space is enough a thing of joy, and holding hands, cuddling or just sitting and gazing into the eyes of each other are magical moments.
To make the best of the time you need to stay busy doing something that’ll make you a better person and at the same time add to your relationship. If you just wait for time to lapse before you two get together you’ll feel the cruelty of time, so make the best of your time, engage in activities you love, learn new things, go to places but always communicate with your loved one as best as you can and as often as you can. And when communication is impossible or hard, know that your hearts are linked and you can pray for each other.

Nothing holds any relationship and especially this as having faith; you need to believe it’ll work out for the best and whatever happens. It’s easy to break up and try a new relationship but you’ll be investing more time and high hopes in someone else so why not make the best out of what you have. Forgive the hurts, share the best moments and memories, trust each other and pray always. It’s impossible for any long distant relationship to work without faith, trusting God to keep you two together in truth and honesty. So it might be tough love but it can be the best and healthy form of love as you bring the better of two people in their hearts, soul and mind with the exception of the physical body. Love is a miracle and miracles are beautiful, always.