If there’s one thing that’s true and feeds the human heart so profoundly it’s the desire and fulfillment in worship. We have the American Idols, so out there in the open showing us the heart front-and-center of a generation that sees men as gods. Yet seeing the life and end of each idol it’s shameful that drugs, suicide and series of divorce and discomfort seems to clothe the entire idea of celebritism, and that’s not just America but the a reflection of what’s of this world. At least it affirms the yearning is true but the feeding is wrong else a more positive clothing would be predominant of it all. The heart is designed with a void that’s filled with worship since neither the worshipers nor the worshiped demi-gods are pleasant then that on it’s on it something to ponder at least for the sake of the little ones yet to come. The heart wants what the heart wants and pampering has led to unleashing so many ungodly rights oozing out from the heart’s corrupt yearning we have gay rights and segregation rights in the west and beheading rights and declaration rights in the east which least the north and south a little confused which way to go even as both distant sides on the left and right keep pointing fingers at each other. The need within the heart isn’t fulfilled still none is fulfilled nor satisfied. There’s always something piggybacking one thing, what no one sees is pedophilia and child sacrifice hiding behind gay right and abortion rights. And since no one actually waited to be given the right to sanction and behead folks the guns and bombs have that covered. Yet with all the darkness unleashed and fed, the world is still in agony. Seems the heart of man wasn’t called to feed on liberty having what it wants. There’s a hole within that only God can fill, I’ve tired atheism and the abyss never ends for those being honest that is only questions leading to questions asking why the questions were raised in the first place because the obvious and simple answers don’t cut it and the daunting void really is a black hole within. No religion answers the question of eternity assured as the people of the Way do and if by now you still aren’t sure what is what then my friend – you never know.